A group of building inspectors was first formed in Central Missouri around 1975 by a group of six cities in that region. The archives contain a Resolution, dated December 7, 1978, that states, “Be it resolved that the Central Missouri Association of Code Administrators make application to become a Charter Chapter member of BOCA, with all privileges that are accorded under this status”. In minutes from a meeting on March 27, 1979, officials from six cities met in Mexico Missouri and discussed the proposed by-laws for the new organization. “This organization will be [the] basis for the exchange of information between inspectors and an educational tool for those in the code enforcement field”. It was co-signed by A.E. Cameron of Rolla, and Dianna P. Moore of Mexico. A copy of the original Constitution and by-laws, with “Central Missouri Association of Code Administrators” on them, dated March 14, 1979 are in the archives of the Association.

Minutes of a meeting on April 11, 1979, was attended by inspectors from 9 different central Missouri cities. They were Frank Hazelrigg, Fulton; Lloyd Stiers, Fulton; Gene Guy, Hannibal; Alden Adam, Boonville; James R. Brannon, Jeff City; Thomas H. Benton, Jeff City; Kenneth M. DeVictor, Columbia; Harry Morse, Rolla; Suellen Barnet, Mexico; Tom Herron, Mexico; Harvey Cooper, Springfield; Jim Weber, Jeff City; Steve Beck, Rolla; Dianna P. Moore, Mexico; Tom Young, Centralia; A. E. “Duke” Cameron, Rolla, and William Oliver, Rolla. The minutes indicate that the Constitution and by-laws were revised for the Missouri Association of Code Administrators. A motion was made by Mr. Tom Young, and seconded by “Duke” Cameron, to adopt the by-laws, as revised, at this meeting. It was approved by a unanimous vote in favor. A copy of that original Constitution and by-laws, dated April 11, 1979, are also in archives.

A Statement of intent and purpose were as follows: It is the desire of the Board of Directors and charter counties to have an organization that will represent all building officials and persons in related fields throughout the state.

The Objectives of the organization are to:

•  Disseminate information to its members to enable them to better interpret laws and better perform their service.

•  Inform members of new enforcement procedures, new methods of construction and new materials.

•   Elevate the position of code officials to a level commensurate with the responsibilities and obligations placed upon them.

•   Maintain good fellowship and mutual understanding among its members and others directly or indirectly involved with the building industry.

The association extends a welcome to all building officials, inspectors and those in related fields (fire service) to become a member of MACA. Join us and share your knowledge, information and problems.

Certificate of Incorporation, Number N00022629, as a General Not For Profit, Perpetual Corporation, in the State of Missouri, was issued with an effective date of May 3rd, 1979. It was issued to “MISSOURI ASSOCIATION OF CODE ADMINISTRATORS”. The address of the initial Registered Office in Missouri was, 830 Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802, with Harvey J. Cooper as the initial Registered Agent. The signers of the papers were: Thomas E. Herron, Mexico, Frank Hazelrigg, Fulton and Thomas H. Benton, Jefferson City. Additional officers and directors at this time were: Kenneth DeVictor, Columbia, Gene Guy, Hannibal and A.E. Cameron, Rolla. The four objectives listed above, were included in the “Purpose for which the Corporation is Organized” statement.

At this time, application was made to BOCA to become a Charter Chapter, as MACA. The archives contain a letter from BOCA, dated June 25, 1980, stating that at an Executive Committee Meeting of BOCA on June 14, 1980, the request of MACA for Chapter status in BOCA was approved, and MACA would become Charter Chapter # 26.

The Plaque would be ordered and presented to a representative of MACA at the fall meeting of MABOI, at their meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks, at the Holiday Inn, on Friday, October 10, 1980. MABOI, the Missouri Association of Building Officials and Inspectors, Charter Chapter # 3, is a regional association in the greater St. Louis area.

Most of the MACA members came out of MABOI. The site and circumstances were not acceptable. It was changed to the MACA fall meeting at the “Flaming Pit” restaurant in the Parkade Plaza Shopping Center, in Columbia Missouri in the fall of 1980. Pictures of this presentation, by Mr. Richard “Dick” Lawes, BOCA Headquarters representative, and of the officers at that time, are in the archives. Mr. Frank Hazelrigg, Chairman of the Board, is shown accepting the Plaque.

Others in the pictures are, R. E. Guy, Hannibal, Director; Kenneth DeVictor, Columbia, Treasurer; Dianna Moore, Mexico, Vice-President; Alfred C. Lasher Jr., Marshall, Director, and A. E. “Duke” Cameron, Rolla, President. James M. Weber Jr., Jefferson City, Secretary, was not available for the picture. MACA then became Missouri Association of Code Administrators, Charter Chapter # 26 of BOCA.

On May 5, 1994, MACA was in the first group of chapters and states to become an Accredited Provider of continuing education programs by adhering to the guidelines promulgated by BOCA. Accreditation is maintained by annually submitting a signed affidavit which confirms that the training and instructor approval process, as described in the original approval application, is still in effect.

The Accredited Provider designation was awarded based on the following guidelines. Planning meetings will be held at which the MACA Board of Directors will review each instructor and the program to be presented. Final program and instructor approval will be by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board. Other guidelines include minimum facilities for seminars, an evaluation form be provided to each participant at each presentation, and a permanent roll call record is to be maintained. Participants will be awarded certificates of CEU’s at the close of the seminar for their permanent records. Thus, the Accredited Provider Logo on our letterhead.

A letter dated December 1, 2000, from ICC Executive Vice President, Richard P. Kuchnicki, states that at the ICC Board of Directors meeting on November 11, 2000, MACA was granted Chapter status. Thus, the ICC logo on our letterhead.

This, then was the thinking of the new logo and letterhead. It represents the start when it came out of efforts by a group of building code enforcers in central Missouri, became MACA, then Charter Chapter # 26 of BOCA, which led to becoming an accredited provider, and finally a Chapter of ICC.

MACA has a rich history of beginning and continuing with admirable goals for the built environment where we all live, work and play. May this history serve to spur us on to continued high goals of achievement and leadership into the twenty-first century.

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