April 8, 2016

Call to Order: 

President Aaron Smith called the meeting to order at 8:35 am

Jeff Hammal motioned to accept the changes to the By-Laws. Motion was seconded by Bryan Cato. All ayes; motion carried.

Traey Lambertz motioned to nominate Lance Davis and Victor Mode for Education Director. Motion was seconded by Angie Malone. All ayes; motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Matt Clemens presented the Treasurer’s report, stating, “as of April 4, 2016, MACA’s total balance of all funds is $59,428.17.

Bud Rogers made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report.

Seconded by Dodi Graves; all ayes; motion carried.

President Aaron Smith discussed the audit performed of the treasurer’s report performed by Steve Flowers, Roy Gurella, and Lance David, stating there were no discrepancies found.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Minutes from previous business meeting were distributed.

Bud Regers made the motion to accept minutes from previous business meeting.

Seconded by Angie Malon.

All ayes, motion carried.

New Business:

Kevin Scheer discussed the ICC conference in Kansas City October 16-18, with public comment October 19-25, stating that the information regarding prices to attend, lodging, and other information can all be found on the ICC website.

Traey Lambertz started a discussion about the purchasing of workbooks for the chapter to use during training. The general consensus was that the members would not use a training book much after the MACA conference.

Kevin Scheer asked the members what topics they would like to see for next spring’s breakout training sessions, the following ideas were mentioned:

Framing, stick framed roofs, plan review, zoning, pools/spas/hot tubs, post frame construction, trusses, solar panels, wind generators, fire rated construction, storm shelters for schools, existing buildings meeting ADA and other requirements. A forum will be started on the MACA website for members to post more suggestions.

Traey Lambertz started a discussion on Camden on the Lake as the location for the MACA training. Camden was a big improvement, the staff was very attentive. A majority of the members stated that they would like a full breakfast on the last day of training. There was a suggestion for the lunch served on the day of the banquet to be lighter; with soup, salad, and a sandwich buffet.

Traey Lambertz suggested the spring 2017 conference to be held the first part of April, and the fall 2017 conference to be held the first part of October.

Old Business:

Aaron Smith and Kevin Scheer discussed the National Meeting held in Long Beach California. It was a great experience; meeting people from all over, everyone was eager to help, the number of people in attendance was shocking.

There was a discussion about preferred provider requirements. Every year the number of CEU required to be from a preferred provider increases. MACA has the ability to hire an instructor that is not a preferred provider if we submit their presentation to ICC for pre-approval. We are currently paying $200 a year to be a preferred provider, that price will be going up to $250.

Dan king swore in all of the new and re-appointed board members.

Adjournment: Dan King made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Janet Sanders. All ayes; motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted by Justin Smith, 04/19/2016

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