May 13, 2016

Call to Order:

President Kevin Scheer called the meeting to order at Camden on the Lake at 11:00 am.

Board Members Present:

President Kevin Schee, First Vice President Bryan Cato, Treasurer ANgie Malone, Board Member Traey Lambertz, On Conference Call Board Member Matt Clemens,

Board Members Absent:

Second Vice President Charles Misenheimer, Secretary Just Smith, Co-Education Director Victor Mode, Co-Education Director Lance Davis, Chairman of Board Aaron Smith

Minutes of previous meeting:

No minutes to approve

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Angie Malone report she had been to the bank to transfer $10,000.00 from savings to checking to cover the Camden on the Lake. Malone stated the balance in the accounts were Checking – $19,960.58 and Savings-$5,439.18 after the transfer.

Board Member Matt Clemens reported on the CD’s stating March 2017 is maturity date for both CDs. One in the amount of $21,023 and second in the amount of $10,254.48. IF we did an early withdrawal, we would lose approximately $300.00 but that would be the approximate interest they earned and MACA would get the amount it started with.

New Business:

Debit Cards:

Board Member Traey Lambertz and Treasurer Angie Malone presented concerns about the number of debit cards available for use for the MACA checking account.

First Vice President Bryan Cato made a motion for Treasurer Angie Malone to deactivate all debit cards except for the Treasurer’s and President’s. BOard Member MAtt Clemens seconded. All in favor.

Sergeant of Arms:

President Kevin Scheer announced the resignation of the Sargeant of Arms Ron White.

Meeting was adjourned for lunch:

Treasurer Angie Malone mad the motion to adjourn for lunch break. First Vice President Bryan Cato Seconded. All in favor.

Meeting called back to order with the name members as bove present 11:44am.

Invoice from IAEI in the amount of $6,904.32 for April 2016 conference:

Board Member Traey Lambertz made the motion to pay the IAEI invoice in the amount of $6,904.32. First Vice President Bryan Cato seoncded. All in favor

Invoice from Camden on the Lake in the amount of $16,288.29 for April 2016 conference:

Treasurer Angie Malone made the motion to pay the Camden on the Lake invoice in the amount of $16,288.29. First Vice PResident Bryan Cato second. All in favor.

Discussion transferring funds from savings to checking and closing savings:

Treasurer Angie Malone stated she had already reported she transferred funds to cover the invoice from Camden of the Lake but would need to transfer more funds from savings to cover the IAEI invoice. Malone stated it would leave a small amount left in savings. She asked the board about closing the savings. President Kevin Scheer made the motion to transfer the remaining $5,439.18 and close the savings account. Board Member Matt Clemens seconded. All in favor.

DIscussion of 501c3 non-profit:

President Kevin Scheer met with an accountant reference MACA becoming a 501c3. The accountant is three weeks behind, Scheer will follow up with the account.

Discussion of no response from Chairman Aaron Smith:

President Kevin Scheer stated he had sent two emails to Chair Aaron Smith reference the IAEI invoice, website, shirts and reimbursement from ICC with no response from Smith. The Board discussed giving Chair Aaron Smith till the end of next week May 20, 2016 to respond and/or ask for help with making contacts.

Discussion of 2017 conferences:

Board Member Traey Lambertz gave dates of the week of April 11, 2017 or April 25, 2017 for the spring conference and OCtober 10, 2017 or October 24, 2017 for the fall.

First Vice President made a motion to set the conference fee at $225.00. Board Member Traey Lambertz seconded. All in favor.

Discussion of training for 2017 conferences:

The BOard discussed there would be breakouts and some topics could be as follows: ADA, solar, post frame construction. The information would be passed on to the Education Directors

Discussion of ICC Conference October 2016:

Board Member Traey Lambertz made a motion to have PResident Kevin Scheer and First Vice President Bryan Cato to represent MACA at the ICC Conference in Kansas City, MO October 2016. Board Member Matt Clemens seconded. All in favor

Discussion to move the next Board meeting to a more central location:

THe board discussed moving the next board meeting to a more central location like Rolla area to split the drive between members. Treasurer Angie Malone is to make contact with some locations in St. James to find a location.


Board Member Traey Lambertz made the motion to adjourn. First Vice President Bryan Cato seconded. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 11:52 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Angie Malone, Treasurer.

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